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. St Gobnait

Gobnait (Gobnet, Gobhnet, Gobnaid, Gobnata, or Gobnatae), was born in County Clare, Ireland, sometime in the 5th or 6th century. Gobnait is Irish for Abigail (“Brings Joy”). As the patron saint of beekeepers, her name also has been anglicized as Deborah, meaning “Honey Bee.”

Her Feast Day is February 11.

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  1. Tc

    This is confusing. It makes it sound like Abigail was her real name instead of a Hebrew name given to gobnait because the church hates Irish I.e. pagan names. I under­stand the Deborah bee con­nec­tion to gobnait’s life, but what on earth is the con­nec­tion between Abigail and gobnait?

    • Patricia

      Hello, The simplest expla­na­tions can be found by googling “Gobnait Irish for Abigail”...sorry for the confusion! Celtic, pagan, Roman, Christian, Hebrew seem to get a bit blurry around the 5th Century.

  2. Holly

    Thank you for this


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