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Saints PreservedTM is an on-going series of work, begun in 1997. Focusing on often-obscure, very early, mostly medieval, Christian saints, the pieces require extensive research – not only of their stories, but of mediums and methods. Over the past 2 decades I have been a part of a revolution in mediums & media, methods & marketing…involving a lot of “learning experiences” along the way. It’s never been so easy to realize my ideas and goals as it is now. But because it’s now so much easier than in the days when I had to scramble to find, and pay dearly for, and improvise the things I needed, it’s now easy for other people as well. people who weren’t even born in the days when one had to learn html, images couldn’t be less than 7k, dial-up modems…expensive printers, credit card scanners, pay-pal

Detroit Free PressThe clipping at right is from a lovely (except for that up-shot of my chin!) article published in the Detroit Free Press in 2003. (David Crumm has since moved on from the precarious realm of print media and publishes a wonderful online magazine: Read the Spirit .)

A good place to begin is the list of “our” saints, either by name or date (feast day).

Or just type in a name, feast day, or profession, hobby, or interest in our searcher.

We offer extensive information about saints-in-general, with two pages of links to very informative sites.

And apologies in advance: maintaining and upgrading this site could be a full-time job in itself, so there will be a few out-of-date pages and broken links. St. Expeditus willing, I’ll get to them soon!

Thanks for visiting!

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PS: Please respect our copyright. If you would like to use an image, contact us for permission. Thanks! (We also offer inexpensive downloads at PatriArts Gallery. – and each saint has a free, illuminated  “Connection Quotation” on their individual pages.)

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