Isn’t it about time we recognized St. Gertrude’s Day?

Instead of green beer, have some green tea!
…and catnip*



Here are some suggestions…
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Special recipes from Calpurnia’s Kitchen
for you to print and prepare for your favorite feline.
(Just click on the image for a pdf download.)Calpurnia's Collection of Cat Recipes
Note: All of our downloads are safe and free.*Have a Little Nip
Tea for you…and fresh or dried for your favorite Furr-Face…
Here is a great, printable info-graphic all about catnip.nipchart
Plant a Cat’s Garden of Grass.
Cat grass, also known as pet grass or intermediate wheatgrass, provides needed roughage and nutrients for cats.
Growing cat grass at home minimizes the chances your cat will snack on other houseplants, and it provides a fresh source of needed nutrition. It’s relatively easy to grow, requiring only proper moisture, fresh potting mix and a sunny spot. And let your cat do the harvesting…

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Yes, there really is music composed especially for cats. Listen to a sample here: Music for Cats – Home of “Species Specific” Music


Relaxing music for cats

(you can play right now while you’re browsing)


Marc Gunn, of the great Brobdingnagian Bards now has several musical Irish Cat CD’s


 Donate to a shelter.