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Celebrating our Twentieth Anniversary!

In honor of St. Expeditus Day, April 19, we are finally giving the site a major upgrade.

Do come in, but please forgive the mess!

Our limited edition sculptural plaque.

St. Expeditus was not the first saint I created for the The Saints Preserved Collection, but he was definitely the impetus for continuing.  You can read more than you might ever want to know about our story by clicking here.
To find out more about St. Expy, visit his page. -pb

Saints PreservedTM is an on-going series of work by artist Patricia Banker, begun in 1997. Focusing on often-obscure, very early, Christian saints. The pieces require extensive research, much of which is shared with visitors to this site. Each piece has its own set of links which are pertinent to the saint depicted. This site is meant to be a gift…we don’t sell anything here, and we don’t accept advertising. So please have fun, look around, enjoy!
(However, if you’re interested in purchasing our pieces, we include links to our online “virtual” gallery.)

Our gift to you:

“Connection Quotations” incorporate an anachronistic quotation from a famous – at-first-glance unrelated – person
(E.g., Mark Twain with Brendan the Navigator)

These are high-quality pdfs that we’ve made available
for our patrons to print for themselves.
Just click on a saint’s page and you’ll find the link.

(Note: This is a safe site and we do not collect data or anything else. We value privacy!)

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Prayer Circles for Pets
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