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In January we celebrate
St. ita

St. Ita


St. Vincent of Saragossa

St. Vincent of Saragossa


St. Melangell (Monacella)

St. Melangell


YOu’ll find some fun, free stuff for our four-footed friends
over at St. Roch’s & St. Gertrude’s places, in addition to poignant prayer requests.

Prayer Circles for Pets
can be found at  St. Roch’s,  St. Gertrude’s  & St. Melangell’s  pages


Some other places to explore while you’re in our “Preserve”:

Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us features mostly Archangels

header6Celtic Connections features saints, sinners, heroes, gods and goddesses.

The Hildegarden

The Hildegarden features connections to Hildegard Von Bingen

(including our unique art work inspired by her own). 

things we've pinned

We’ve starting pinning items of interest connected to each saint in our “Preserve.”
They are mostly causes to consider and useful/interesting/inspiring information. Below are a few examples, but each saint’s page will feature their own.