On March 17 we celebrate not only
St. Patrick but also St. Gertrude...

Come on in...You’ll find the answers, and much more...
including some fun, free stuff to celebrate St. Gertrude’s Day with your favorite feline.

Prayer Circles for Pets
can be found at  St. Roch’s,  St. Gertrude’s  & St. Melangell’s  pages


Some other places to explore while you’re in our “Preserve”:

Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us features mostly Archangels

header6Celtic Connections features saints, sinners, heroes, gods and goddesses.

The Hildegarden

The Hildegarden features connections to Hildegard Von Bingen

(including our unique art work inspired by her own). 



It’s all about Connections...

In addition to “Connection Quotations, incorporating an anachronistic quotation from a famous, at-first-glance unrelated, person (E.g., Mark Twain with Brendan the Navigator), each saint has his/her own pinboard of related info.