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Below are some “connec­tions” to St. Brigid I’ve made over the years. There are links to every­thing from poultry to beer. Please share with us any you think should be included (I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of good ones!) 


  • St. Brigid of Ireland from New Advent offers extensive info, including the fact that she is incor­rectly identified as BRIDGET.
  • Ord Brighideach:If She speaks to you — as poet, healer, smith, story­teller, musician, craftsperson, midwife, mother, hearth keeper, land steward, tender of herds, seer, woman of fire, lawgiver, deity of the home, lady of the sun, or simply as goddess or saint — you are welcome to walk among us.” Includes links to many sites about Brigid.
  • Saint Brigid of Kildare Monastery is heir to a quiet initiative carried out in the 1980’s by The Upper Room, an agency of the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Discipleship (GBOD), to explore monas­ticism from an ecumenical context.
  • Brigid of Kildare from Wikipedia
  • Saint Brigid of Ireland numerous links and infor­mation about the saints.
  • An obvious labor of love, this site offers extensive infor­mation and resources, as well as a virtual shrine; both the Celtic goddess and Christian saint.
  • Brigid the Goddess offers inter­esting infor­mation “at Brigid’s Altar.”
  • Brigid Fact Sheet from Magic & Mythology includes an image by John Duncan.

Celebrate!St. Brigid’s Day (Imbolc) Feb 1

One of our long-time favorite sites for all things Irish is Irish Culture and Customs.
Bridget Haggerty “herself” has provided all kinds of great resources about her patron saint.

I use the image of a luna moth in many of my Anachrons. It is especially prominent in my Brigid the Goddess piece. I made this pendant 10 years ago for a friend who was celebrating a “special” birthday on February 4. Now here it is 10 years later and she’s got another “momentous” birthday!

These are only a few of the sources I have come across over more than a decade of researching Brigid. Her appeal is ecumenical and I have tried to be inclusive... If you know of any sites that you think would be appro­priate here, please let me know (and my apologies for any out-of-date or broken links). -pb

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