Beginning with Sculptures


...I picked up some clay and started sculpting. I did a tremendous amount of research (which I enjoy), acquiring an extensive “saintly” library along the way. (Amazing to remember that there was very little available those days online — and most people were barely “online.”) For each saint, I made sure I used at least a dozen different sources of information. (I was surprised by both the similarities and the differences among the “facts.”) From these, I distilled the essences I liked best, while included whatever verifiable facts I could find. That’s when I decided that “illuminated” manuscripts, giving the legend and lore of each saint would make the sculptures much more meaningful. Besides, the teacher/editor in me couldn’t let this info go to waste once I was finished with it!

At first I made sketches, but as I became more familiar with the medium, I began to experience that wonderful synergy when knowledge, emotion, and vision come together, almost magically springing from your hands. I feel truly blessed to have fingers that can move materials around and make them do what I want them to do. While I like to incorporate numerous symbols in each piece, the image and design itself is entirely from my imagination. Though I’ve certainly tried to look at every image ever created about a particular saint, I don’t think any of my pieces look like anything that’s been done before. In fact, that may be why I felt it was necessary to somehow incorporate the saint’s name in each piece.

I worked on my saints late at night or early in the morning when the kids were in bed. Late one night, just as I was experiencing one of those thrills of creative synergy, when everything seems to “work,” an old Pink Floyd tune come on the radio: It’s all were meant to be here...

And I knew that was true.

So here I am.....

1starUpdate 2014: I haven’t created any more sculptures since the original 11. You’ll see that I have progressed to other media, but we still produce the limited editions, to order, here in the studio.

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