Martha of Bethany

Feast Day: July 29

Patron of Cooks, Dietitians, Homemakers, Waiters

Martha was said to possess “the courage of a man and the heart of a woman” and it was for her that Christ performed the miracle of raising Lazarus (her brother) from the dead. She was also the first woman on record to be given this advice:

st_marthaStrike a balance....

Don’t neglect your personal, spiritual life for the sake of hearth and home.

According to Luke (10:38–42), when Martha criticized her sister Mary for not helping her around the house, Jesus gently chided her, implying that Mary had perhaps chosen the “better part”—that of the spiritual over the mundane. Never-the-less, He obviously appreciated her efforts since He was a frequent guest at the home she kept for her brother Lazarus, as well as her sister, in Bethany, a small village two miles from Jerusalem.
A medieval legend credits the siblings with traveling to Provence as missionaries, where they had many adventures, including Martha slaying a dragon.
In addition to July 29, her feast day is celebrated in various places on January 19 (with her brother), on October 17 (along with Ado) and June 6 in the Eastern Church.

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