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hexcombo2For in-depth and /or “official” information and other opinions on saints, try the following: 

  • Saints and Angels page at Catholic Online. Largest collection of facts and information concerning Saints and Angels on the Internet. The Saints Index is an exhaustive list of Saints. There is also a calendar for this month’s Saints, general FAQ about Saints, Patron Saints, and a Feast day List. This site also provides a Saints Search feature that will help you locate a specific Saint by name or other search criteria.
  • Hagiography is derived from Greek roots (hagios=holy; graphe=writing) and has come to refer to the full range of Christian literature which concerns the saints. A good resource is the ORB, Online Reference book for Medieval Studies.
  • In the Anglican Communion, the communion of saints includes everyone who has tried or is trying to follow the teachings of Christ.
    Anglican Feast Days celebrate men and women for their bravery, insights, contributions, and faith. And their happiness.
  • Celtic Saints, a partial list with links to more info.
  • Our own Celtic saints site offers much information
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook Prepared by Dr. Paul Halsall for an upper-division course on the history of sainthood. Dr. Halsall is also responsible for other excellent relevant sites, such as the Internet History Sourcebook Project, which includes a Medieval Sourcebook, containing a guide to Saints’ Lives.
  • Patron Saints for Medical Conditions from the Catholic Doors
  • Saint of the Day provides details about the saints whose feast days are on the current date, as well as preceding and succeeding ones. Free Saints” Day e‑greetings

Note: These are only a few of the sources I have come across over more than a dozen years of researching Saints. Their appeal is ecumenical and I have tried to be inclusive... If you know of any sites that you think would be appropriate here, please let me know (and my apologies for any out-of-date or broken links). ‑pb

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