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"[People] think of saints as people who lived an awfully long time ago and whose validity has disappeared. I think of them as people who didn't live such a long time ago, only a few hundred years or so. There must have been something about them that impressed people who were very much like me. What was it?

And they must have been much more like somebody living today than we commonly think. What was behind it?

What made these people special and what made a lot of other people regard them as special, either hating them or loving them?

This is fascinating. It enlarges the whole world, and because it does so, it gives you great hope and sympathy with the future. You find yourself not an isolated miserable little wretch who has got seventy or eighty years to struggle along and then perish like nothing. You are the continuer of a very great tradition which you are going to pass on to the next lot. And you're right in the middle of the great stream of life.
You see? Wonderful thing."

The quote at left is from Robertson Davies. Appointed to in 1972 for his many contributions to literature, theatre and journalism. He is best known for his novels, notably the Deptford Trilogy.


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