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Abbot of Iona, Columba belonged to the Clan O'Donnell, and was of royal descent. Find out more: Famous Scots and General History of the Highlands and County Donegal andCatholic Information Network and Colmcille Heritage Center andAbout St. Columba andCatholic Encyclopedia and The Scottish Episcopal Church
It is perhaps a fitting tribute to Colmcille that the earliest existing example of a Celtic illuminated manuscript is the Cathach of St. Columba — written in his own hand. The magnificent Book of Kells was produced at Iona and the brilliant Book of Durrow was created at another of his monasteries.

St. Columba Tartan "tells the story of St. Columba’s voyage from Ireland to Iona, whilst symbolising the isle itself..."

Irish Culture and Customs presents Colum from a "western persepctive"

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